• Business and personal branding photoshoot, including fine art photography.
    • Product / commercial photography — you can send over your product and we’ll take care of the right setting, theme and mood.
    • Themed & tailored collections for your social media  based on your purpose, brand, style, audience and location, we shoot a series of photos based on one or more themes of your choice. If you are not sure about the theme we can discuss the strategy together during a video call.
    • Visual Content Coaching — if you are creative but lack the time and technical knowledge, our 100% tailored photography/graphics coaching can save your life and budget. Not only will you learn how to plan and produce cohesive content in no time, but also which visuals, colours, compositions, etc. will help your brand grow, and which should be avoided.
    • Editing — if you happen to have a bunch of photos you would like to use but they need editing and you don’t have the time or it’s simply not your thing, send them over to us via email or a link and we’ll get back to you with a proposal. Please, include the information where you’d like to use the photos (for technical and creative reasons, it won’t affect the price).

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The pricing of a photoshoot depends on the number of photos as well as the character of a setting. For example, some venues are free, others need special permission. Another aspect is the editing required. There are so many other elements which make up the price, we are sure we can find a solution for almost any budget.