We are in love with Instagram and its marketing powers. Being able to share our passion on a one-to-one basis is our favourite part. We content coach and curate content in English, German, Italian and Polish. 

We offer: Instagram Audits, Competitor Audits, Content Curating, New Account Launches & InstaCoaching Sessions. Scroll down for details and pricing.

Instagram Audit

An in-depth analysis and consulting across your profile, content (captions, graphics, photos, videos, location) hashtags, reach, engagement, and what not. You will receive a report and your customised strategy blueprint via email and we’ll discuss it during our two-hour Skype call.



Competitive Audit 

An in-depth analysis of your high-performing competitors’ profiles wrapped up in a report delivered to your inbox. We also help you turn this valuable knowledge into your new successful strategy. As always, we offer solutions for a wide range of budgets and needs:

Content Curating / Instagram Management

We boost awareness of your brand through engaging content and genuine interaction with your audience. We NEVER put your brand reputation at risk by buying followers, likes or nonsensical comments: these are mostly bots and inactive or fake accounts, which can be easily exposed by your fans or other brands. All comments, follows, and likes are human-made and on point. Building loyalty and customer confidence in your brand through social media takes time and commitment, and we offer you both.

Contact us to check our availability. 


New Account & Strategy Launch

For aspiring influencers, solopreneurs and startups  we’ll help you set up your account and plan a unique strategy for your growth, tailored to your goals and niche. You will receive all the guidelines in a blueprint.  During our sessions, we’ll also answer all your questions and explain the essentials and beyond.




If you’d like to up your Instagram game but don’t need a full audit. You have your questions ready or know which particular area needs improvement.

>> ONE-HOUR SKYPE SESSION 60€ (72$) <<