Apart from online Polish classes (Skype), I offer both creating and translating of various types of content: non-technical, technical, marketing-related copies. This includes rendition of your image and mission (www, blogs, posts) into Polish actualities and trends.

About Me

Trained for language teaching and marketing. Language teacher, translator, entrepreneur, journalist and WordPress junkie on the professional go.

It’s been 10 years since I started assisting individuals, entrepreneurs and small companies in smooth cross-cultural rapports. Additionally, my career angielskias a translator and interpreter has offered me an invaluable, international glimpse into many industries in Poland and abroad. A new add-on to my communication-oriented career is my recent journalistic activity. Feel free to take an adventure-craving look at my latest article for Canadian OUTPOST MAGAZINE or British URBAN TRAVEL BLOG.

Hope to share a virtual coffee with you soon!

Marta Styczen